The 11th Annual New Year/New Work Film Festival

Join us at the FMC Screening Room (475 Park Avenue South, 6th Floor) on Tuesday, April 23rd, and Thursday, April 25th, at 7pm, for a selection of exciting new works by filmmakers in our collection!


Program 1: Exploding the Eye/"I" (April 23rd)

The first program in this year’s New Year/New Work Film Festival (titled after Wheeler Winston Dixon’s survey of overlooked ‘60s avant-garde cinema, The Exploding Eye) showcases film, video, and media artworks that have originated on 16mm, super 8, video, and/or digital formats and deal with personal and poetic concerns. This selection includes poetry films, diary films, found footage/photo films, films with first-person narration, works that convey an artist’s vision and/or experience via the direct, tactile engagement with the filmic (or digital) medium; works that deal with personal, familial, and cultural histories; and works inspired by and/or dedicated to friends, family members, and fellow artists. Conveying individual and collective pasts, presents, and futures, this lineup offers a diverse array of singular perspectives that, shown together, speak to our shared humanity.


  1. Mila Rae Mancuso, Case Study 1: The Shrink, 5 minutes
  2. Matt McKinzie, Queer Dream Triptych, 2.5 minutes
  3. Anne Katrine Senstad, Chapeau Soft Geometry Liquid Commodity, 1 minute
  4. Naval Cassidy, Words Per Page, 20 minutes
  5. Rrose Present, Proves de Foc Amic, 6 minutes
  6. Harry Walker, Petrified, 6 minutes
  7. John Dawson, Soup Mix, 3 minutes
  8. Violet Cheverez, Collage4 Diary, 2 minutes
  9. Sean Neace, Voyeurisms, 10 minutes
  10. Gerry Fialka, Sponto Beats, 10 minutes
  11. Catalina Giraldo, The Mind We Live In, 16 minutes
  12. Mark Street, long ago, far away, 4 minutes
  13. Kalil Haddad, Paul and Eileen Had Four Children, 12 minutes
  14. Louise Borque, Bye Bye Now, 8.5 minutes

Total Run Time: 106 minutes

Program 2: Spaces, Places, and Landscapes (April 25th)

The second program in this year’s New Year/New Work Film Festival features work that has originated on 16mm, Super 8mm, video, and digital formats, all of which contend in some way with spaces, places, and landscapes. Exploring the ways we as human beings inhabit and interact with cities, forests, bodies of water, and landscapes real and imagined — as well as the ways we both commune with and destroy the nature that surrounds us — this program offers a diverse array of visual and aural inquiries into both built and naturally-occurring environments, and how those environments are affected by everything from one’s own personal exploration/transformation or family history, to broader societal and political issues like war, manufactured borders, and colonial/imperial projects.


  1. Jason Younkman, Wilderness Days, 11 minutes
  2. Janis Lipzin, Mirrors and Screens, 4 minutes
  3. Joanna Byrne, Tectum argenti, 8.5 minutes
  4. Leonardo Pirondi, Visão do Paraíso, 16 minutes
  5. Helder Martinovsky, Cuerpo de Agua, 13 minutes
  6. Dominic Angerame, War Zone, 7 minutes
  7. Drew Erin Adams, The Swannanoa River, 18 minutes
  8. Jonathan Johnson, River Ghosts, 5 minutes
  9. Hiroya Sakurai, The Stream XII-II, 5 minutes
  10. Alexandre Alagôa, When I Close My Eyes I See Everything, 13.5 minutes
  11. Caren Messing, Swimming Upstream, 5 minutes

Total Run Time: 106 minutes